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Cast Iron Lapping Plate & Film

Lapping & Polishing

Circular Saw Blade manufacturer, IBCHE Corporation
will open the future of the Lapping & Polishing and Circular Saw Blade.
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Glass Holder
Glass Holder is used to fix a product to be grinded and is available or 0.3t or above.
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Plate Type & Purpose
Polishing Cerium Pad Template Assembly
Template is a product used to affix substrates to the carrier plate of polishing using mounting wax.
It improves the surface flatness as well as the productivity because of the automatic operation. We are able to produce template assembly in various sizes to meet our customer's needs
· Depending on the customer's request, we are able to produce the polishing pad up to Ø1,300mm and 1,750mm in square. The possible thickness is between 1-5t(mm) and groove can be produced according to customer' s drawing
· Cerium Polishing Pad is an essential polishing subsidiary material and can be used for polishing of High-quality Glass Panel, Semiconduct Substrate, Glass Disk, Optical Fiber & Science Components, Lens, Touch Panel, TFT-LCD, LCD Window Glass, Blue Glass Panel or Sapphire, Quartz, Silicon Wafers
Epoxy Glass Carrier
Epoxy Glass Carrier is used in double-side polishing of glass/silicon wafer which requires the most suitable polishing condition and super precision.
We can meet your needs if you can provide us with the pecifications of a product


Introduction of Consumables

  • Circular Saw Blade
  • Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Stainless Steel
  • Coated Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade
  • Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade
  • Cold Saw Blade
  • Circular Saw Machine
  • Lapping and Polishing Machine
  • Cast Iron Lapping Plate
  • Semiconductor Parts
  • Circular Saw Blade Manufacturer In Korea
  • Cermet Tipped Circular Saw Blade
  • Saw Machine Manufacturer In Korea
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