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Cast Iron Lapping Plate & Film

Lapping & Polishing

Circular Saw Blade manufacturer, IBCHE Corporation
will open the future of the Lapping & Polishing and Circular Saw Blade.
[Super Abrasive]
PCD, PCBN cutting tool
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Plate Type & Purpose
PCD Cutting Tool PCBN Cutting Tool
  It is a strong compound  sinterring a diamond particle under high temperature& pressure. It has no direction and  has all of hardness, the abrasive Wear Resistance and Thermal Conductive  diamond has it is compound sinterring CBN particle, which doesn't react to with ferreous metal, under ultra high temperature · pressure and used in a hard ferreous matter
Use Efficiency at part cutting processing nonferreous metal like aluminum, copper alloy as hard metal Fitness for cutting processing of heat treatment steel, sintering ally iron, Thermal spray metal, difficult-to-cut materials like heat resisting alloy
Feature - Little is chipping production 
- Though cut different thing like hard, edge's  damage is little and there isn't formation of  phosphoric -for tool longevity is 30~100 as  long as hard metal, losetime replacing a  tool is little and machine's operating ratio  improvement.
-A size compensation of a tool abrasion is  little. -a tool cost is inexpensive.
- High speed cutting of a hard metal by  10times
- Efficiency of a processing cost  reducing by tool cost's reduction and  cutting ability's  improvement
- Predictors of dimension is improved  and can gain clean agressive stock  removal surface, so it is possible to  turn grinding processing into cutting  processing
- Tool's fintion is improve by using a  cutting fluid
* We sell material and specially manufacture by spec.


Introduction of Consumables

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