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Cast Iron Lapping Plate & Film

Lapping & Polishing

Circular Saw Blade manufacturer, IBCHE Corporation
will open the future of the Lapping & Polishing and Circular Saw Blade.
[Complex-Polymer Lapping & Polishing Plate]
Complex-Polymer Lapping & Polishing Plate
Please refer to the below table for different kinds of plates.
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Plate Type & Purpose
Plate Type Purpose Contenty Abrasives
Iron Plate Course Lapping It is an iron polymer suitable for lapping of ceramics, Tungsten Carbide and etc. Diamond Powder
9μ, 15μ, 30μ
Cu Plate Middle Lapping It is a copper polymer suitable for lapping of ceramics, ferrite nickel silver, sapphire and crystal. Diamond Powder
3μ, 6μ, 9μ
Tin Plate Fine Polishing It is a tin polymer suitable for lapping of alumina, zirconia with electromagnetic functions. Diamond Powder
1/4μ, 1/2μ, 1μ, 2μ, 3μ
Ceramic Plate For Composite Ceramic- ferrite complex plate. Base plate suitable for hard materials such as cemented carbide, single crystal ferrite Diamond Powder
1μ, 2μ, 3μ
Cast Iron Plate Course Lapping Suitable for all types of workpiece rough machining. GC, C, WA, A
Diamond Pellet Plate Course & Middle Lapping Excellent cut-ability for difficult materials such as iron, nonferrous, ceramics and carbide. None
PVA & FBB Plate Course & Middle Lapping Suitable for processing soft material of iron and nonferrous products. None
Plate Size : 8", 10", 12", 15", 18", 24", 36", 48", 52", 64"

t : 1/4", 1/2", 1"


Introduction of Consumables

  • Circular Saw Blade
  • Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Stainless Steel
  • Coated Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade
  • Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade
  • Cold Saw Blade
  • Circular Saw Machine
  • Lapping and Polishing Machine
  • Cast Iron Lapping Plate
  • Semiconductor Parts
  • Circular Saw Blade Manufacturer In Korea
  • Cermet Tipped Circular Saw Blade
  • Saw Machine Manufacturer In Korea
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