Lapping&Polishing is a high module
processing work giving material surface a new life. Not only does It process  most materials including Copper, Ceramic, Tool steel, Bronz, Cast iron ,Crystal, Carbide, Plastic and Ferrite, but also high precision, high quality products efficiently according to demanded spec of products(ex. under plane figure 0.3, under surface roughness Ra 0.01 and so on) IBCHE Corp

import&export all sort of consumables like Lapping Plate, Diamond Powder&Compound, Diamond Slurry needed in LAPPING & POLISHING work. And make LAPPING & POLISHING machines ourselves to supply. Also as we hold many LAPPING & POLISHING machines and test machines, you can do Sample Test at any time. Please entrust us with LAPPING & POLISHING processes to meet the quality level on demanded products. We apply processing technology and machine-make-KNOW-HOW to the full to help your development.


     Plane, spherical surface, inside diameter, outer diameter

- Ceramic (Alumina, Silicon, Carbide, Ferrite, Zirconia, etc.)
- Carbon
- Glass, Quartz
- Plastic, Rubber
- Metal(cast iron, tool steel, structure alloy ,S-C, SCM, SNCM,, bearing steel,
            tungsten ,carbide, etc.)

Standard blocks for hardness, Internal or external polishing process parts
Die, mold
(polishing processparts)
Ceramic parts
Hydrolic valve parts
Semi-conductor parts
Glass-quarts parts
Slitter knife
Compressor plate
              spin blocks, slitter knife,
           glass, valve, quarts

mechanical seal, water tap seal, heat sink, computer memory disc, optical fiber, connector, LCD glass, optics filter, camera lens, eyeglasses lens, microscope slide, fuel pump parts, engine parts, PCB, computer parts, gage block, pump parts, Compressor parts, piston ring, metallic pattern parts, automobile parts, aircraft parts relation


single side Lapping&Polishing Machines

5BL, 9BL, 12BL, 16BL 5

double side
Lapping&Polishing Machines

12", 15", 24", 28", 34", 36" machine 12, Polisher 1

Lapping&Polishing Machines

LCD M/C 2(Ø 1200), Oscillation Polishing M/C 1group&2group has each 1(Ø 400)

washing equipment

ultrasonic washing 3, auto ultrasonic washing 1
(we have water handling system)

drying equipment

dryer 5

other equipments

screw compresser 1, pistoncompresser 1,
contrifugal seperator 1, air metallic pattern grinder 1, plane-auto-lathe 1

laboratory equipments

metal microscop 1, FMD LAMP 2,
optics faltness measurement lens 3 surface roughness

Super Finishing Unit
Subsidiary materials
Horizontal grinding machine
Polisher for Laboratory
Standard hardness blocks
saw blade
LCD Lapping & Polishing Machine
Double-side Lapping Polishing machine
Polishing Cloth
Lapping Powder
Lapping & Polishing wheel
Diamond compound
Cerium PAD
Tip saw
Lapping Plate
Diamond Plate