※ We are able to produce special machine according to the customer’s request.
Benefits and Features
  • If you use Lapping Film, grinding amount is very minimal, so it does not affect the dimensional accuracy of a product
  • SF is usually applied as the final process, is appropriate for improving outer or flat surface roughness, and produces uniform-quality products
  • Compared to the existing grinding methods, SF is a next generation ultra-precision polishing method that polishes a precise surface like a mirror
  • SF UNIT can be easily mounted on any existing equipment
Application Field
  • Automobile : crankshaft, gear shaft, cylinder, engine parts, shock absorber, cup and cone bearing and engine valve.
  • Paper : large rubber roll, urethane roll, chilled roll, dynaware
  • Roll shop : Hard chrome plated roll, Plasma coated roll, copper roll, ceramic roll, tungsten carbide
  • Others : Press roll for steel making, copier drums, print parts, electronic parts, hydraulic parts, aircraft parts, etc
Super Finishing Support
  • Sample test is possible with our own test equipment.
  • We are able to produce customized machine according to certain shape of a product after consulting with our representative