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Description IDM-6BL(D) IDM-9BL(D) IDM-12BL(D) IDM-18BL(D)
Plate(O/D×I/D×T) Ø386×Ø155×60t Ø635×Ø240×50t Ø772×Ø260×40t Ø1196×Ø395×50t
Maximum Processing Ø110mm Ø180mm Ø220mm Ø420mm
Carrier(O/D×EX) Ø139.3mm(P.C.D)×5 Ø228.5mm(P.C.D)×5 Ø283.6mm(P.C.D)×5 Ø450mm(P.C.D)×5
Low Plate RPM 0~65rpm 0~60rpm 0~40rpm 0~40rpm
Motor 1.5Kw 2.2Kw 3.7Kw 11Kw
M/C Size(W×L×H) 1100×800×2100(mm) 1700×1450×2300(mm) 1900×1150×2500(mm) 1900×1150×2500(mm)
Weight 1,000kg 2,500kg 2,500kg 7,000kg
※ In addition to the models listed above, customized orders are available and aforementioned specifications may be changed without any prior notice.
※ D represents using diamond pellet plates.